Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week Nine, Thing Number Twenty THREE!!

I am finished ! Hope I'm not to late for the USB stick / laptop. Then again, I am a Rosanna employee...

To be honest, I initially decided to do this because I thought it would be a good passtime and would allow me to help others if I could see what they were learning. I did not expect to learn anything new at all.

Boy was I wrong, and am glad I was. I discovered some great tools, and also threw away some hastily formed opinions about certain internet services/sites (eg I used to hate YouTube due to everyone's obsession with it). I still hate delicious, but love the idea of ZohoWriter (a lot of potential). Bloglines was handy to know, I had never bothered to try a feed reader before. Some exercises reinforced my love for the good things, like Flikr, and the Web Awards winners that I reviewed.

I think it has been of great advantage for so many staff to learn of these technologies. And well done to the non YPRL participants!

A special congrats goes out to Margaret Garbutt. You are a trooper and you deserve a medal for the fantastic job you've done on the blog, especially all of the hours you dedicated to working things out for yourself! You have truly captured the essence of this program. I hope to see your blog continue to evolve and grow with all things gardening.

As for all, happy continued blogging and web 2.0'ing!

Suz xoxo


Week Nine, Thing Number Twenty Two

Audio books are fast becoming popular with both old and young alike. After browsing for audio books from several sources (including iTunes mini store), I could easily see why. There is now such a huge library to choose from.

I am tempted to download some to listen to in my car on long trips, as sometimes music can get boring. I enjoy breakfast radio while on my morning drive to work, so I'm thinking it will be somewhat similar.

Must get Harry Potter one and listen to a narrator's way of performing the words in comparison to when I read it.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week Nine, Thing Number Twenty One

Since I own an iPod, podcasting is one of my favourite subjects!

Currently I am subscribed to MuggleCast, a Harry Potter themed cast with news, and discussions of themes and theories concerning the books.

However, I had not thought of adding it to my bloglines, a fine idea! So I did.

I like to use Podcast Alley the most, as this is the site I found MuggleCast on.

Podcasting is one of the best concepts to come around on the internet. I also regularly download MakeZine's casts, which contain video steps on creating something new.


Week Nine, Thing Number Twenty

Thought I'd share this with you guys, he's quite famous on youtube for being a stop motion rhythm artist.


Week Eight, Thing Number Nineteen

Ah the Web 2.0 Awards!

So many of my favourite websites are listed. Here's two:

Threadless < threadless.com >
The best t-shirt site ever! Designers from around the world submit t-shirt designs where they are rated and voted for, and the winners are printed and huge prizes are won. I have entered before, it's a great way to get recognised for your design skills.
I own a lot of clever and wacky t-shirts ordered from this website.

Doing something like this for the library would be great as we could have book cover competitions and stuff like that.

Last FM < last.fm >
My sister is obsessed with this site. It lets you add all of your favourite musicians/bands, which concerts you've been to, and the genres you like. Every week, you get updated 'neighbours' (other users of the site) who you may like to chat to, as their taste in music is normally similar. It also tracks what you've been listening to all week and puts heaps of stats online. Making friends on the site is so easy and everyone shares the same love: music.

My sis met someone on the site and they have slightly obscure tastes in music but like the same stuff. They now go to concerts together so they have a music buddy. No more going solo to concerts awwww.


Week Eight, Thing Number Eighteen

I created a Zoho Writer account, and created a new document. I found it really easy to use and I love this concept. I hate Microsoft Word, and think that this is a better way to go. Publishing your documents for people to see would be really useful to teachers giving notes to students. They can give them the link to all their online documents, making them easy to find and print.

This is an online tool I did not know about and am so glad I do now.

Here is the pathetic document I typed up.
Click to read


Week Seven, Thing Number Sixteen

I am going to take this opportunity to talk about YPRL's upcoming project: Our very own community wiki!

I have been developing this for the past few months with the assistance of Christine, Denise and Lynette. It is now finished and is awaiting transferral to our sever. I am very excited about this as it could service our patrons enormously. They can post book reviews, community events, educational papers, and even have a page dedicated to useful resource links. It is up to them!

And for thing number 17, I added a section to the sandbox wiki.


Week Six, Thing Number Fifteen

After reading most of these perspectives, I particularly agree with Michael Stevens the most. He says that while embracing the Web 2.0 emergence, it should always be kept relevant to the Library and not used "just because it's there". To use Web 2.0 effectively in the Library situation.

I think that having this new knowledge puts librarians back in touch with their patrons, and stays attractive to new and old visitors. The old vision of a library is a stuffy, quiet place crammed with boring books. It's not that image anymore. It's now a living, breathing multimedia experience. Don't like books? Borrow an mp3 audiobook. Can't find the inforamtion you need? Surf the internet in the library and add to what you've already found.

If we can add more of these alternative options, and have a good knowledge of existing and upcoming trends, then we can guarantee a solid relationship with the community, who are leaning more and more towards these technologies.



Week Six, Thing Number Fourteen

I used Technorati to search for the library 2.0 blogs, and found that using 'search posts' was great as it came up with very specific results. Very surprising was finding a librarian from Western Australia with a blog. She missed out on the Information Online Conference 2007, and was most upset she didn't get to look at our very own Christine Christine Mackenzie's paper!

Read the blog post



Week Six, Thing Number Thirteen

I had a look at Delicious, as well as the PLCMCL2 account, and noted what this site does. Basically it seems like a more in depth bookmarking system to what your browser is capable of. It's great that you can stumble on other people's lists and use the tagging system to find what you are interested in.

Personally these are my opinions on Delicious:
The design of the site is appalling. It is unattractive, and could have been designed to be easier to use. It does not make me want to switch and use it at all. I would rather just use my normal bookmarks in my browser, which I have already categorised into sections already. I do not understand the hype about it at all. Sure, you might find some great sites from other people's accounts and search by tags, but I believe it's still very clunky.

I have no desire whatsoever to start my own up.


Week Five, Thing Number Twelve

I decided to create my searchroll to search my favourite Toyota Paseo websites. This will give anyone specific info on these great sites only.



Week Five, Thing Number Eleven

I created an account with Library Thing, and added my favourite books, and a couple on my wish list!

View them here:

Suziam's Library Thing catalogue



Week Four, Thing number Ten


Friday, November 17, 2006

one man's junk...

Table from Rosanna Library - $5

Lots of LED's, wires and a soldering iron - $$ lots

Black spray paint, black fringing, Photoshop and a friendly printing shop - $$ frightening

One cool guy from Bunnings Warehouse with a table-leg chopping favour - $$ six pack of bourbon

Finally finishing it and seeing the look on my friend's face once presented with his 21st birthday present - PRICELESS

Here are a couple of pics for your amusement, Rosanna sold a table, I saw potential.

click for larger version click for larger version


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week four, thing number eight

I have signed up to Bloglines and must say that I'll find it quite useful, especially when I belong to a couple of forums. My Toyota Paseo forum in particular always has some fresh posts so it'll be nice to keep up with them all.

I have signed up to various Learning 2.0 blogs, as well as a music band that I have a recent love for.

I will hunt around and try to find some other good feeds to add.

I have added my public Blogroll URL to the sidebar to the left.



Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Week three, thing number seven

My technology piece to mention is this fantastic calendar. It's called "Screen Goddess IT 2006-2007" and features women from the IT field posing in familiar movie scenes. It has attracted a lot of controversy, but I think it's a great way to tell the world that we're not nerds! We can still be sexy while being IT geeks.

After being part of "GO Girl, Go for IT" convention last week, I can appreciate this encouragement to women. Trying to convince 4 rooms of 500 teenage girls to consider a career in IT is exhausting, and I'm not even sure I got through to them all!

Visit the site and buy the calendar here.

All they need now is a "Librarian Goddesses" calendar and we're set!!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Week three, thing number six

I never knew about these flickr tools, they're so much fun.

Here's one I made with maryanne_b's photo, "regret?"

I think the polaroid theme works really well with this picture.


Week three, thing number five

I have known about this photographer on flickr for quite a while now, so I'll like to share her work with you all, as she is very talented.

Her username is maryanne_b.

view maryanne's other photos

This one is a particular favourite because she has captured the real essence of the subject, with his cheeky lil smile. View this photo up close to see his astonishing long eyelashes!

Besides, he happens to be my gorgeous boyfriend!


Week one, number two

I forgot this one, got too excited about the blog!

Out of the 7 and a half habits I believe the hardest one will be:

1. Keep the end goal in mind.
This is because more often than not I can be afraid of setting a goal in case I fail, particularly in learning something new. I need to learn to set smaller, achievable goals to minimise the stress and disappointment if I don't reach them.

And the easiest:

4. View problems as challenges.
This is what I thrive on! If you are a programmer like me, you are guaranteed to have these challenges everyday. I use these problems to my advantage, and get quite obsessed with working them out I love it! Getting it all to work in the end is the best reward anyone can receive from a project.

Looking forward to the rest of the journey :)


Week two, thing number three

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on >> paper aeroplane*, my new blog created for Learning 2.0 .

I named my blog paper aeroplane because of a funny moment in my life of which I traveled up to the top of the rialto tower with a friend and flew a paper plane off the lookout. Watching it catch the wind was both exhilarating and amusing.

Because I do web design for a living, this isn't new technology for me. However I decided to create a challenge for myself, by designing a custom template for this blog. Getting it all up and running was a bit of trouble, however I am proud of the final results.

Onto the next step!